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India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score: Rishabh Pant On The Charge, Smacks Half-Century

IND vs AUS Live: Australia celebrate a dismissal on Day 5 of the third Test.© PTI

India’s hopes of saving the ongoing third Test match against Australia rely on the shoulders of Cheteshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant as the match heads towards an exciting finish. Day 5 started off with Nathan Lyon registering the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane. India need over 220 runs for the win while Australia need just seven wickets to go 2-1 up in the four-match series. The Pink Test has been marred by bad behaviour from the Sydney crowd. A day after Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj complained of racial abuse towards them, a group of six spectators were ejected from the Sydney Cricket Ground after Siraj complained of abuse. The series is currently level at 1-1. (LIVE SCORECARD)

3rd Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Updates Between Australia (AUS) vs India (IND), Straight From Sydney Cricket Ground


  • January11202106:12 (IST)


    Starc sends a short delivery, around off. Pant smacks it behind point for a four!

  • January11202106:10 (IST)

    One run, Rishabh Pant reaches his third Test fifty!

    A short length delivery by Lyon, outside off. Pant cuts it to sweeper cover for a single. He reaches his fifty.

  • January11202106:09 (IST)


    WHAT A SHOT! Pant smacks this Lyon delivery over the fielder at deep for another six!

  • January11202106:08 (IST)


    A floated delivery by Pant, outside off. Pant shimmies down the track and lofts it over extra cover for a six!

  • January11202105:56 (IST)

    One run

    A length delivery by Labuschagne, spinning in from around the wicket. Pant glances it towards square leg for a single.

  • January11202105:50 (IST)

    No run

    A length delivery by Hazlewood, on off. Pujara goes on the front foot to defend it. No run.

  • January11202105:46 (IST)


    A full delivery, outside off by Hazlewood. He edges it past Smith at first slip, and Pant bags another four!

  • January11202105:45 (IST)

    FOUR! India: 144/3, need 263 runs

    Labuschagne tosses his delivery a tad too much! Pujara goes down the track and whacks it down the ground to the long-on boundary for a four!

  • January11202105:37 (IST)


    Lyon sends a fullish delivery. Pants guides it over the bowler’s head into the straight boundary for the four!

  • January11202105:36 (IST)


    Lyon sends a short delivery, outside off. Pant waits and smacks it through cover for a four!

  • January11202105:28 (IST)


    Once again. Pant gets to the pitch and swings his bat through the ball to send it over long-on for a six! Not a good off-break by Lyon.

  • January11202105:27 (IST)


    Pant goes down the wicket, and smacks this Lyon delivery, over mid-on for a four!

  • January11202105:22 (IST)

    No run

    A length delivery, outside off by Hazlewood. Pujara glances it to cover.

  • January11202105:14 (IST)

    No run

    Hazlewood sends a length delivery on the stumps. Pant defends it.

  • January11202105:04 (IST)

    One run, India: 111/3

    Lyon sends it back of a length. Pant goes on the back foot and cuts it to point.

    India need 296 runs more.

  • January11202105:01 (IST)

    No run

    Cummins delivers a full ball, outside off. Pujara defends it towards point. No run.

  • January11202104:54 (IST)

    One run

    Cummins bowls a short ball, outside off. Pant lobs it into the legside half-heartedly. Square leg is at the boundary, so it lands without getting caught. One run.

  • January11202104:48 (IST)

    Two runs

    Cummins sends a length delivery, outside off. Pant goes on the front foot and trickles it through point for two runs.

  • January11202104:47 (IST)

    One run

    Cummins sends a short delivery, outside off. Pujara guides it towards backward point for a single.

  • January11202104:45 (IST)


    A overpitched delivery by Cummins, on off. Pujara overdrives it to beat mid-off for a four! GOOD TIMING!

  • January11202104:43 (IST)

    OUT! Ajinkya Rahane c Marnus Labuschagne b Nathan Lyon 4 (18)

    Lyon sends it on perfect length. Rahane goes on the front foot to defend it. He gets an inside edge and it goes straight to short leg for a catch.

    In comes, Rishabh Pant.

  • January11202104:37 (IST)

    One run

    Cummins bowls a short delivery, around middle and leg. Pujara guides it past the fielder at short leg. One run.

  • January11202104:33 (IST)

    No run

    Cummins bowls a good length delivery, around off. Pujara defends it into the offside. No run.

  • January11202104:31 (IST)

    The action resumes!

    Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane walk into open the innings for India. Pat Cummins to resume bowling for Australia.

  • January11202104:29 (IST)


    Indian fans, Rishabh Pant is warming up! He could be batting today! This is big news for Indian cricket fans!

  • January11202104:22 (IST)

    Good morning and welcome everyone!

    Good morning and welcome everyone to our live coverage of Day 5 of the ongoing third Test match between Australia and India, at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The visitors need 309 runs, with Cheteshwar Pujara (9) and Ajinkya Rahane (4) to resume batting. Its going to be tough day for India, but its cricket and anything can happen, folks! Stay tuned!

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