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Mendis needs to overcome hidden deficiencies, says sports psychologist

India’s Ajit Agarkar or Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif would not want Kusal Mendis in their company of having secured five successive ducks in Tests.

The 25-year-old right handed batsman Mendis is just one duck away to share the ‘undesirable’ world record.

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“Mendis needs to overcome the hidden deficiencies (to avoid this record),” according to Dr Samantha Nanayakkara, the Senior Lecturer and Sport Psychologist in Sri Lanka.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone from Colombo, she said, “First of all, every Sri Lankan wanted to see him playing in the next match. We are not expecting nightmares and I wish him good luck wholeheartedly.”

“However, when a player fails to compete successfully in a competition, we raise our eyebrows and wonder what’s wrong with him. But beyond this, we need to understand the hidden deficiencies which the players are unable to overcome.”

“Undoubtedly he is physically fit and has undergone a physical ability test. So, it is possible that the problem might be psychological.  Cricket is not a game that can be succeeded only with the bat and the ball. Within a few seconds, a batsman needs to identify the type of the bowler and every action of throwing the ball including the speed of the ball etc. and the player must be able to respond quickly,” she added.

“This is why mental practice during training is important. Before the next match, he needs to focus and balance his mind and body together and then release the strength in front of the opponent. He needs to practice mind games,” she further added.

Why is Sri Lanka Cricket not concerned about the mental fitness of the team? a timely relevant question isn’t it…..?

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