New Zealand Lose Both Openers

Live Updates, Pakistan vs New Zealand, First Test Day 1 in Abu Dhabi: New Zealand Lose Both Openers

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Pakistan will bank on their knowledge of the conditions and consistent run in the longest format of the game in recent times as they gear up for the first of three Tests against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi from Friday (November 16).The hosts certainly start as favourites going into the encounter with most of their players showing excellent recent form. They have a potent bowling attack with Mohammad Abbas, who broke Australia’s back with a ten-wicket haul at the same venue last month, leading the pace department. He recently took a 12-for in a first-class game for his side Sui Northern and will have his tail up coming into the first Test.
Apart from the formidable pace unit, Pakistan also have some excellent spinners in the experienced Yasir Shah, Bilal Asif and the ever-reliable Mohammad Hafeez. Asif gave a good account of himself in his debut series against Australia where he picked up nine wickets in the two Tests including a 6/36 in his first game in Dubai. Pakistan will be hoping for a similar show from him come the New Zealand Tests as well.
Pakistan have had a good run in recent times in Tests. They beat Ireland their maiden Test, then shared a two-match Test series in England 1-1, and more recently won the two-Test series against Australia in the UAE 1-0.

Having said that, New Zealand showed plenty of promise in the recently concluded T20I and ODI series and will hope to bring out their A game against the hosts. They have a good record in the UAE having levelled the only Test series they played here back in 2014 1-1. Seven of the players who were a part of the squad back then are still present this time around and will be eager to giving Pakistan a run for their money.

Commentary (New Zealand innings)

14.5 Y Shah to Taylor, No run. 35/2

Ross Taylor is next in to bat.

14.4 Y Shah to Latham, OUT! Caught by Hafeez at short mid-wicket! A very soft dismissal to be honest. The ball was flighted on off and turned in a bit after landing, Latham is brought forward into a shot and plays it in the air towards mid-wicket and Hafeez is there to take the simplest of catches. A wicket thrown away by New Zealand. Yasir is pumped up! 35/2

14.3 Y Shah to Latham, Shorter and on off stump, Latham stays back and defends. 35/1

14.2 Y Shah to Latham, Short and spinning quite a bit down the leg, huge appeal from the keeper and Yasir for caught behind. But the ball seems to have grazed the thigh pad before Sarfaraz takes it. Umpire wants nothing to do with it. 35/1

14.1 Y Shah to Williamson, Short one to start off with outside off stump, Kane cuts it to sweeper and picks up one. 35/1

Yasir Shah is into the attack now.

13.6 B Asif to Williamson, Flatter outside off this time, Kane rocks back and punches it through the covers for three. 34/1

13.5 B Asif to Williamson, Looped up outside off, dead-batted onto the ground. 31/1

13.4 B Asif to Williamson, Flighted on off, defended after coming ahead by KW. 31/1

13.3 B Asif to Williamson, FOUR! Quick feet from the skipper and the good length ball on off is flicked away through mid-wicket for his first boundary. 31/1

13.2 B Asif to Williamson, Looped up this time, kept out on the front foot. 27/1

13.1 B Asif to Williamson, Shorter and on off stump, Williamson flicks it to square leg. 27/1

The first Drinks of the match is on the field now! A very sedate start to the day by the Black Caps. Abbas has struck to dismiss Raval, but Latham and Williamson are looking good out there. The pitch is looking like a flat cement road and beautiful for batting. A long day for the bowlers and fielders seems to be in store!

12.6 M Abbas to Latham, Around the wicket to Latham, just ahead of a good length and on off stump. Latham comes ahead and defends with the straight bat. Umpire signals for Drinks to come onto the field. 27/1

12.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Slightly full this time, and Williamson is off the mark with a flick to mid-wicket. The batsmen run three. Good running! 27/1

12.4 M Abbas to Williamson, Length ball outside off, comes ahead and defends again. 24/1

12.3 M Abbas to Williamson, Similar ball again, and well defended again by Williamson. 24/1

12.2 M Abbas to Williamson, Good ball just outside off, Williamson is good in defense. 24/1

12.1 M Abbas to Williamson, Good length aiming the top of off stump, Williamson defends solidly on the back foot. 24/1

11.6 B Asif to Latham, FOUR! That’s a very good shot from Tom Latham. Bilal loops it up on off stump, the southpaw leans into the shot and wrists it through the left of mid on for a boundary. 24/1

11.5 B Asif to Latham, Rocks on the back foot and guards it out without much trouble. 20/1

11.4 B Asif to Latham, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 20/1

11.3 B Asif to Latham, Lands it short once more, Tom is on the back foot to keep this out. 20/1

11.2 B Asif to Latham, A bit fuller around off, kept out from inside the crease. 20/1

11.1 B Asif to Latham, Quicker off break outside off, short too, Latham goes back and forces it to covers. 20/1

10.6 M Abbas to Williamson, A length ball which is in the channel just outside off, blocked by taking a step forward. Good over from Abbas comes to an end. A wicket maiden for him. 20/1

10.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Shaping away from outside off, Kane makes a rather simple leave. 20/1

10.4 M Abbas to Williamson, Brings it in a little, on middle this time, Williamson gets right behind the line and blocks it in the same area. 20/1

10.3 M Abbas to Williamson, Fuller length delivery on off, Williamson defends it well towards mid-wicket. 20/1

Skipper Kane Williamson is in at no.3.

10.2 M Abbas to Raval, OUT! And he strikes! What a delivery from a superb bowler! Bowls it a tad fuller outside off, it’s angling in at first but then it moves away ever so slightly. Raval is forced to play at it and is undone by the late movement. The edge is taken and it’s a regulation take for captain Sarfraz Ahmed behind the stumps. Jeet Raval will be disappointed after putting in the hard work in the first 10 overs. 20/1

10.1 M Abbas to Raval, Fires it full and just outside off, driven to the covers. 20/0

9.6 B Asif to Latham, On the shorter side of things again, it’s played back to the bowler. End of the over. So, New Zealand have safely negotiated the first 10 overs. 20/0

9.5 B Asif to Latham, Flatter and shorter outside off, guarded out safely. 20/0

9.4 B Asif to Latham, Latham shoulders arms to let that one through. 20/0

9.3 B Asif to Latham, Drifting in on off, turning away, Tom stays inside the crease and defends it down on the off side. 20/0

9.2 B Asif to Latham, Well outside off, going away again, Tom Latham lets it be. 20/0

9.1 B Asif to Latham, Quite slow through the air from around the wicket, spinning away outside off. No shot offered by Latham. 20/0

8.6 M Abbas to Raval, So this is smart by Raval. He’s standing well outside the crease to deal with Abbas’ swing. Works too, as he defends it a bit square on the off side. 20/0

8.5 M Abbas to Raval, On a length, on off, kept out from within the crease. 20/0

8.4 M Abbas to Raval, Full ball attacking the stumps, driven straight back in the bowler’s direction. 20/0

8.3 M Abbas to Raval, Good length delivery outside off, left alone. 20/0

8.2 M Abbas to Raval, Full delivery outside off, a mistimed drive finds its way to the cover fielder. 20/0

8.1 M Abbas to Raval, Wow. That was close. Really close. Abbas bowls this full, makes it come in and then it goes away late. Raval has no option but to play at it. Comes forward, hangs his bat out and gets beaten. 20/0

7.6 B Asif to Latham, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 20/0

7.5 B Asif to J Raval, Pushes this floated delivery through the cover area for a single. 20/0

7.4 B Asif to Raval, A touch quicker through the air, around off, blocked. 19/0

7.3 B Asif to Raval, Nicely tosses it up on middle and off, Raval brings his bat ahead of his pad and defends. 19/0

7.2 B Asif to Raval, Slows this one up. Loops it up on off, Raval comes forward to keep it out. 19/0

7.1 B Asif to Raval, Short, flat and quick on off, Raval goes back and punches it to the man at cover. 19/0

First bowling change for Pakistan. Bilal Asif is brought into the attack. The lone slip in place for him, along with a short leg.

6.6 M Abbas to Raval, Uses the angle into him to turn this away in front of square leg and get to the other end. 19/0

6.5 M Abbas to Raval, Coming in at first but then goes away, Jeet stays inside his crease and meets it with the full face. 18/0

6.4 M Abbas to Raval, Keeps it on the fuller side, around off, defensively pushed away to the cover area. 18/0

6.3 M Abbas to Raval, Angling in at first but then straightening up off the seam, worked straight to the man at short mid-wicket. 18/0

6.2 M Abbas to Raval, Full length delivery on off stump, blocked by taking a big stride forward. 18/0

6.1 M Abbas to Raval, Abbas continues from around the wicket and pitches it wide outside off, no way Jeet Raval is going to bother himself with that. 18/0

5.6 H Ali to Latham, Shaping away from around off, Latham plants his front foot forward, covers the line and makes a watchful leave. 18/0

5.5 H Ali to Latham, Outside off on a length, left alone. 18/0

5.4 H Ali to Latham, A touch straight in line, turned away on the leg side with soft hands. 18/0

5.3 H Ali to Latham, FOUR LEG BYES! Too straight from Hasan Ali, a length ball on leg. Latham looks to flick but it goes off his pads, past the diving keeper for a boundary. 18/0

5.2 H Ali to Latham, Similar shot. Plays it through the covers to the man in the deep for two more. 14/0

5.1 H Ali to Latham, Good timing on that. Latham offers a firm punch to this fuller length ball and finds the gap through the covers. Two runs result. 12/0

4.6 M Abbas to Raval, The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump once again. Good, tight over from Abbas. 10/0

4.5 M Abbas to Raval, Throws it outside off, Raval lets it go. 10/0

4.4 M Abbas to Raval, Switches the angle to around the wicket, angles in a length ball on off, forces Raval to play at this one. It is blocked. 10/0

4.3 M Abbas to Raval, Make that three in a row. Similar ball, same thing done by the batsman. Left alone. 10/0

4.2 M Abbas to Raval, Too far outside off this time, another leave. 10/0

4.1 M Abbas to Raval, Seeing the ball land outside the line of off stump, Jeet shoulders his arms to it. 10/0

3.6 H Ali to Latham, Good carry on this occasion for Hasan Ali. He hurls it on a length in the off stump channel, left alone for the keeper to collect. 10/0

3.5 H Ali to Latham, Outside off once more, another easy leave for the batsman. 10/0

3.4 H Ali to Latham, Bowls it on the fifth stump line, Tom Latham covers the line, keeps his eyes on the ball and leaves it alone. 10/0

3.3 H Ali to Latham, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 10/0

3.2 H Ali to Latham, Angling away from Latham, he plays with the angle and taps it to the covers. 10/0

3.1 H Ali to Latham, Length delivery attacking the off stick, patted away defensively on the off side. 10/0

2.6 M Abbas to Latham, A little too straight in line, it’s clipped down to fine leg for one run. 10/0

2.5 M Abbas to Latham, Fraction straight in line, on a length, blocked down in front of square leg. Thinks about taking the single at first, but then decides against it. 9/0

2.4 M Abbas to Latham, Fullish in length, just outside off, met with the full face of the bat. 9/0

2.3 M Abbas to Raval, Good running between the wickets. Raval taps this down just wide of the short cover fielder and both batsmen hare across. 9/0

2.2 M Abbas to Raval, Keeps it around that off stump channel, Jeet raises his bat and lets it through. 8/0

2.1 M Abbas to Raval, Good length ball on the fourth stump line, quite close to the off stump, but Raval keeps his eyes on the ball and lets it be. 8/0

1.6 H Ali to Latham, In the channel outside off, left alone to end the over. 8/0

1.5 H Ali to Latham, FOUR! Shot. He’ll feel good about that. Latham gets off the mark in style. It’s full and outside off, he drives this well through the covers for a boundary. Good balance while playing that. 8/0

1.4 H Ali to Latham, Outside off yet again, another easy leave. 4/0

1.3 H Ali to Latham, Shaping away from the left-hander, from a good length and outside off, no shot offered to that. 4/0

1.2 H Ali to Latham, On the fuller side of things, Latham comes on to the front foot and defends yet again. 4/0

1.1 H Ali to Latham, Spears in a full delivery on off stump, Latham brings a straight blade down in defense. 4/0

Well… this is a surprise! Hasan Ali to share the new ball with Abbas from the other end. Three slips and a gully in place for him too.

0.6 M Abbas to Raval, That wasn’t far away either! So close to the off stump. Abbas serves an accurate length delivery around off, Raval makes a watchful leave. 4/0

0.5 M Abbas to Raval, Just ahead of a length on this occasion, blocked with a straight blade in response. 4/0

0.4 M Abbas to Raval, Oooofff! Well hello! Superb delivery. Bowls it in that channel around off, on a length and it nips away late. Raval looks to defend it from the crease but the ball whizzes past the outside edge. 4/0

0.3 M Abbas to Raval, Another one in the channel outside off, Raval makes another leave. 4/0

0.2 M Abbas to Raval, Much better. Hits the good length area around off, Raval has nothing to do with it. 4/0

0.1 M Abbas to Raval, Four running runs! Fine way to start off! Full and just outside off, Raval leans into the shot and drives it crisply through the big gap in the covers. The fielder chases it down near the fence and by then the batsmen complete four runs. Not sure it has happened before in a Test match, four running runs off the first ball of a match. 4/0

First Published: November 16, 2018, 10:59 AM IST

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