Home News BCB to consider players’ leave for Zimbabwe tour

BCB to consider players’ leave for Zimbabwe tour

Bangladesh’s series against Zimbabwe is in next month. But the mental condition of cricketers due to bio-bubble is now greater than at any time in the past. The cricketers are currently playing in the Dhaka Premier League (DPL). And so the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) will consider if the cricketers want leave from the tour of Zimbabwe.

National team selector Abdur Razzak has given such a hint to the media. Rumors have been circulating for days that big cricketers like Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal may want rests from the Zimbabwe tour. However, Razzak still doesn’t know if anyone has applied for leave, but the cricketers are in favor of the leave.

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“If you consider the other teams, there is a matter of giving leave to the players. Such leave request can actually be considered. Of course this consideration must come from the board and we will be told if we can do it. Then we will evaluate what can happen if the player will not play or what can happen if the player will play. As far as I know, no one has asked for leave yet,” he said.

Asked whether it would be a relatively easy decision to exclude players against a weaker team like Zimbabwe, Razzak replied, “First of all, Zimbabwe isn’t an easy opponent in Zimbabwe. If it was Bangladesh, I would say – OK, it is relatively easy for us. In Zimbabwe, hosts are never easy opponents, never. I do not agree with this at all. Also I think every series is important.”

“It’s same if you play against Scotland or Australia. You won’t get two-match winning points if you win one match against Australia. One wicket won’t bring you two wickets or a fifty won’t convert into hundred automatically against them. It is equally difficult for players to play with everyone. Every series is important for Bangladesh,” Razzak added.

However, Razzaq is in favor of taking care of the mental health of the players. He also expressed his opinion on whether the rotation policy can be introduced for this.

“Of course we are thinking about it. Now the biggest challenge is to stay in the bio-bubble. Think of those who regularly play in three formats, how long they have been in bio-bubble. They’re really having a hard time. We just try to evaluate the performance. But it should also be considered also. Those who talk about cricket should also take the matter into account. So a little rotating, giving some time… another thing which can be to stay with the family in the hotel, to be altogether at the same time will bring some comfort. Although this decision will be taken by the board. Even then, it is very difficult to stay in one place without going out,” he further said.

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