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List Of Participating Teams In The KPL 2022 Season

The Kashmir Premier League is back for a second year, and this will be their second season. The league is made up of eight franchises, seven of which represent significant towns such as Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and one of which is made up of abroad Kashmiris. Check out the list of teams who will be participating in the KPL 2022 season.

Rawalakot Hawks won the game the previous season because their teams were made up of young people with some experience who gave it they’re all.

This season’s squad is expected to play a competitive game against their opponents, so be sure to catch the games on time, as this season will be more intriguing and enjoyable. Here are all of the match’s specifics, including everything you need to know.

List Of Participating Teams In The KPL 2022 Season

The Kashmir Premier League will include eight clubs, all of which competed in the previous season. The event will take place in August, although no formal announcement or confirmation has been made by the Boards of Directors.

The following Eight teams of KPL are as follows:

  1. Overseas Warrior
  2. Muzaffarabad Tigers
  3. Rawalakot Hawks
  4. Bagh Stallions
  5. Mirpur Royals
  6. Kotli Lions
  7. GB Markhors
  8. Jammu Janbaz

This season of the Kashmir Premier League has witnessed the addition of two new teams to our league. Sure, the team’s lineup of players is a diverse mix of abilities, and they are all from the younger age. This new squad has spiced things up for the other teams, and the season now appears to be more competitive, with the game appearing to be a little more challenging.

However, teams must perform well to advance to the playoffs, and the team that gives their all during their trip has a chance to win the championship. Pakistani supporters can’t contain their enthusiasm and are anxiously anticipating the match. Other relevant modifications are also not yet official, but will be shortly.