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Live, India vs Australia, 2nd T20 Match Score Updates: India Off To A Cautious Start In Chase Of 195 vs Australia

India vs Australia Score Updates: Matthew Wade hits a shot during his knock of 58 runs.© AFP

Matthew Wade scored a half-century to help Australia post a target of 195 runs against India, in the ongoing second T20I, at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The visitors won the toss and elected to field. Wade gave Australia a good start, scoring a powerful knock of 58 runs from 32 balls. He slammed 10 fours and a six during his whirlwind knock. Indian bowlers staged a turnaround halfway through the game, with Wade getting dismissed via a run-out. Steve Smith scored 46 runs from 38 deliveries, while, Glenn Maxwell (22) and Moises Henriques (26) made decent contributions, as Australia finished at 194 for five, after 20 overs. Among the Indian bowlers, T Natarajan grabbed two wickets while Shardul Thakur and Yuzvendra Chahal took a wicket apiece. The hosts will be aiming to level the series, after losing the first T20I. In the team changes, Daniel Sams, Marcus Stoinis and Andrew Tye have replaced Aaron Finch, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc for Australia. Meanwhile, India are without Mohammed Shami and Manish Pandey. Shardul Thakur and Shreyas Iyer have been roped in as replacements. Ravindra Jadeja has been ruled out of the series. (LIVE SCORECARD)


2nd T20I Live Between Australia (AUS) vs India (IND), Straight From Sydney Cricket Ground

  • December06202016:03 (IST)


    Abbott adds too much of width to this delivery. Rahul square drives it off the front foot forward of point for a four! AMAZING!

  • December06202016:01 (IST)


    Maxwell sends a short delivery, wide. Dhawan times it well and sends it between the fielders at point for a four!

  • December06202016:00 (IST)


    Maxwell sent it in Dhawan’s arc, and he just slammed it over midwicket for a power six!

  • December06202015:59 (IST)


    Maxwell sends it way outside leg. Rahul sweeps it hard, and it goes over short fine leg for a four!

  • December06202015:56 (IST)


    Poor delivery by Tye. Rahul was well-prepared. he slammed it over the long boundary at cover for a smashing six!

  • December06202015:55 (IST)

    1 leg bye! An appeal for lbw!

    Tye pitched his delivery outside leg, and was unsure about a review, but Wade was adamant. The ball was in line, but not enough. Lucky for Dhawan.

  • December06202015:48 (IST)

    One run

    Abbott sends a short and wide delivery. Rahul cuts it hard to deep backward point, for a single.

  • December06202015:44 (IST)

    One run

    Sams sends a full delivery, towards the middle stump. Rahul hits it towards midwicket for a single.

    India need 190 from 114 balls.

  • December06202015:42 (IST)

    Two runs

    Sams sends a short delivery, wider. Rahil cuts it late, but manages to sends it through backward point for two runs.

  • December06202015:40 (IST)

    No run

    Sams sends a good length delivery. It was swinging back to Rahul and it hits his thigh gaurd.

  • December06202015:39 (IST)

    The action resumes!

    Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul will begin the chase for India. Meanwhile, Daniel Sams will bowl the first over for Australia.

  • December06202015:19 (IST)

    Three runs, Australia set a 195-run target for India

    Chahar sends another slow delivery. Stoinis miscues his shot, and it goes to the on-side. There was nobody at midwicket. Australia take three runs, and reach 194 for five. India need 195 runs in 20 overs.

  • December06202015:18 (IST)


    A slow delivery by Chahar and Stoinis expected it. Stoinis sends it over point boundary for a six!

  • December06202015:16 (IST)

    Three runs

    Chahar sent a full delivery, outside off. Stoinis sliced it over point, and the sweeper had a lot of work to do. Three runs.

  • December06202015:14 (IST)


    Natarajan sent a slow delivery. Sams uses both his hands to muster enough power to send it to the sweeper’s right for a four!

  • December06202015:12 (IST)

    OUT!! Moises Henriques c KL Rahul b T Natarajan 26 (18)

    Natarajan sends a cutter in the corridor. Henriques tried to send it over the leg side, but misses it, and Rahul catches it. The umpire’s decision is in India’s favour, and Henriques reviews it. The snicko shows that the ball touched the bat, so the decision is upheld.

    In comes, Daniel Sams.

  • December06202015:08 (IST)

    OUT! Steve Smith c Hardik Pandya b Yuzvendra Chahal 38 (36)

    Chahal sent a good length delivery. Smith sent it to long-off, where Pandya pops it on his hand, and continues running. He pops it again, and then grabs it in the third attempt.

    In comes, Marcus Stoinis.

  • December06202015:05 (IST)


    Chahal sends a good length delivery, on middle stump. Smith sends it over him for a six!

  • December06202015:02 (IST)

    Two runs, Australia: 158/3

    Thakur sends a short delivery, outside off. Henriques hits it to long-on’s right and Australia take two runs.

    After 17 overs, the hosts are 158/3.

  • December06202014:57 (IST)


    Chahal sends a good length delivery, outside off. Henriques gets on a knee, and sends it over deep backward square for a six!

  • December06202014:55 (IST)


    Chahal sends a good length delivery, down at leg stump. Smith swings his bat, and gets the ball sent over long-on for a six!

  • December06202014:53 (IST)

    One run, Australia: 132/3

    Natarajan sends a full delivery on off stump. Henriques shuffles and sends it to deep midwicket for a single. After 15 overs, Australia are 132/3.

  • December06202014:49 (IST)

    One run

    Natarajan sends a low full toss at leg stump. Henriques sends it to square leg’s left for a single.

  • December06202014:43 (IST)

    OUT! Glenn Maxwell c Washington Sundar b Shardul Thakur 22 (13)

    Thakur sends a knuckle ball at a length, and wide outside off. Maxwell goes down on his knee and ties to send it over extra cover, but doesn’t make good connection. Sundar catches it.

    In comes, Moises Henriques.

  • December06202014:42 (IST)


    Thakur sends a shorter delivery, angled into the off stump. Smith slams it to deep backward square for a four!

  • December06202014:41 (IST)


    Thakur sends a good length delivery. Smith was ready for this ball, and goes down on his knee. He scoops it to fine leg for a four!

  • December06202014:39 (IST)


    Chahal sends a short delivery. Maxwell goes for it with a full swing, and it comes off the low part of his bat. It goes over deep midwicket, and also beats a flying Iyer, for a six!

  • December06202014:34 (IST)


    Chahar sends a short delivery onto the pads of Smith. He stylishly hits it past short fine off the inside of his bat for a four! It goes into the backward square boundary!

  • December06202014:33 (IST)


    Chahal sends a poor delivery. Maxwell takes him on, and lofts it over long off for a whooping six!

  • December06202014:24 (IST)

    DROPPED AND THEN RUN OUT! Matthew Wade run out KL Rahul 58 (32)

    AN EPIC DISMISSAL! Wade should have been caught by Kohli, but he dropped him!

    Sundar sent a slow floated delivery. Wade went for it early and got a leading edge. It went for catch to Kohli at cover, who misses it. Wade went for a run, but Smith was busy ball-watching. Kohli threw the ball to Rahul and he did the rest.

    In comes, Glenn Maxwell.

  • December06202014:21 (IST)

    Two runs

    Sundar sends a length delivery. Wade mistimes his pull shot and sends it through midwicket. Two runs for Australia.

  • December06202014:15 (IST)


    Chahar sent a good delivery, but Wade plays the fielding really well, and also picks the length. He sends through cover point for a four and also his second T20I half-century!

  • December06202014:11 (IST)


    A slow delivery, wide half volley by Thakur. Wade slices it up and over cover with ease for a four! He is looking unstoppable today!

  • December06202014:10 (IST)

    FOUR! Hardik Pandya drops Matthew Wade!

    Thakur sent a quick delivery. Wade pulls it flat towards deep midwicket, where a running Pandya tries to grab it but spills it over the boundary ropes.

  • December06202014:08 (IST)


    Thakur sent a slow off cutter. Wade just floated it with power over midwicket for a four! WONDERFUL!

  • December06202014:05 (IST)

    T NATARAJAN STRIKES FOR INDIA! OUT!! D’Arcy Short c Shreyas Iyer b Natarajan 9 (9)

    Natarajan sent a high short delivery. Short hit it flat and hard, but it went it straight to Ier, who had to back track and catch it at deep forward square.

    In comes, Steve Smith.

  • December06202013:59 (IST)


    Chahar sends a short delivery. Wade makes it look easy once again and slams it forward of square for a four!

  • December06202013:59 (IST)


    Good delivery by Sundar, but poor fielding positioning by India. Wade mistimes his slog sweep, but still manages to send it for a four forward of square.

  • December06202013:53 (IST)


    Thakur sends a short delivery. Wade looks like he is in top form. He sends it behind square for a smashing four!

  • December06202013:50 (IST)


    It was a full delivery by Sundar in the arc. Wade went down on one knee and just slammed it over fence at deep square.

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