Home News Moniruzzaman leaves umpiring thinking about future insults

Moniruzzaman leaves umpiring thinking about future insults

Moniruzzaman has quit umpiring profession recently after the controversy of Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah Riyad. The experienced duo lost their temper over umpires in two separate matches in the recently concluded Dhaka Premier League (DPL). Moniruzzaman pointed out these incidents and marked as the main reason behind his decision.

Speaking to BDCricTime, Moniruzzaman said, “It’s insulting. It has happened to my colleagues which means it has happened to me. In the match in which Shakib kicked the stumps, in that match he was given a piece of paper, which is called Captain’s Report. In that report, however, he responded positively about the umpires, did not write anything bad.”

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“Maybe he wanted to give a message to the whole cricket, Shakib can say it, I can’t. It hurts me because it is insulting to my community.”

Cricketers like Shakib and Riyad, who have brought a lot of success to the country, when he loses respect for umpires, it will surely be emulated by thousands of youngsters. “Shakib is undoubtedly a quality cricketer. I respect him too. He has given our nation something great. Personally, I have no enmity with him. It’s straightforward. Rather I admire him. His actions have a lot of impact.

“He is a national hero, Riyad is a national hero, if they continue to do so, the boys in school cricket will start behaving the same way. I don’t think it will give anything good to future cricket. The new youngsters love Shakib a lot and follow him. If the newcomers start to intimate such incidents following him- I have decided to give up thinking about it,” he added.

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