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‘My son says when Virat Kohli bats, just wake me up,’ says Vaughan

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan cherished that his son is a bigger fan of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and showered praises on Indian skipper.

In a recent interview, former England skipper Michael Vaughan opened up about the stardom of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and cherished how his son admires the Indian skipper. He praised the Indian skipper that Kohli created a big impact among kinds and made batting look easier among kids.

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Vaughan stated that his son is a bigger fan of Indian skipper and he wakes up from sleep only to see that batting of the modern-day legendary batsman. “My little boy is a little player and all he does is, always says to me, when Virat comes out to bat, just wake me up. As soon as Virat goes out getting caught at midwicket, he goes back inside to do something else. He’s that powerful with the kids.

When you see shots like that fly off the middle of the bat without any real effort or doesn’t seem like any much effort going into the stroke – it’s just flying into the stands. He’s a special player, he’s an absolute genius,” Michael Vaughan told.

Further, when talking about the ongoing India’s tour of Australia, he quoted that the absence of Virat Kohli for the last three Tests will be a real worry for team India. “The one thing I don’t worry about with Virat Kohli is his batting. There is no concern about his batting whatsoever.

He is a wonderful player, he’s the best of the era across the formats, there are no doubts about that. I worry about those three Tests that India have without him. I don’t see India being able to win those Tests without the Virat Kohli factor. He is that important for that Test team. His 100s will come. Once he gets one, probably he would get 3-or-4 together, he’s that good,” Vaughan added.






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