Home News Rajshahi disappointed with Ashraful’s performance

Rajshahi disappointed with Ashraful’s performance

There is no big star in the team, so former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful seems to have taken away all the lights of the Minister Group Rajshahi. But he has failed miserably till now in the ongoing Bangabandhu T20 Cup tournament. He has scored just 57 runs in 5 matches with the average of 14.25.

Hannan Sarkar, the manager of Rajshahi and a former cricketer, has also expressed disappointment about Ashraful’s batting.

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Regarding Ashraful ‘s performance in Bangabandhu T20 Cup, Hannan said, “There is some frustration among everyone. In fact, the way we thought or hoped, he didn’t able to fulfill it surely. But Ashraful was actually under a little pressure.”

The 36-year old batsman got a big punishment for fixing issues in Bangladesh Premier League (BPl). After overcoming the ban, he did not play in the national team. That’s why many think that he’s under much pressure because of not playing in national team.

Hanann also thinks that Ashraful is not able to play comfortably due to pressure. “Maybe he couldn’t able to play his natural game due to pressure. It was certainly a matter of some frustration. But since we have played cricket, we know that we often have to deal with such situations. That’s what happened. He is still playing cricket and has a future. He’s thinking that and will try his best from his side,” he concluded.

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