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T20 World Cup: Celebrating ‘moment of unity’, England keen to take a stand | Cricket News

Jos Buttler says the England team will continue to take a stand against racism and discrimination and even if it means not taking a knee, like they did against West Indies, three days ago, they will indulge in something called “moment of unity”.
The England wicketkeeper-batsman, while addressing a virtual media conference on the eve of his team’s clash against Bangladesh on Wednesday, was aware of the goings-on in Dubai, where South Africa’s Quinton de Kock had pulled out of the contest against West Indies after not agreeing to Cricket South Africa’s diktat of all the players taking a knee to voice their protest against racism.

“Yeah, I think our position as a team is we stand against any form of discrimination. What we would like to do as a team is take a moment of unity which we did at times during our summer. We all need to reciprocate the opposition. West Indies like to take a knee, so we wanted to reciprocate that in the first game.”
When asked if it will differ match to match, Buttler stated, “Hopefully we can make some form at the start. But as a side and our culture as a team, we of course stand against any form of discrimination and we are very passionate about that.”
Buttler felt that the England team will need to take a clearance from the ICC for their ‘moment of unity’ gesture but was not sure what form or shape it would take. “I think it’s something we’d like to do as a team.
I think you must get some clearance from the ICC for that, as well. It’s something we would like to do as a team, but I don’t know the specifics behind it now.”
The England star was unsure if cricket boards around the world should exercise the power to issue diktats to the players about making socio-political statements. “I’m not sure to be honest. I can only speak about myself and our team. I think it’s (protesting against racism) something we feel strongly about. It’s an important part of our culture as a team.”