Home News ‘We don’t have enough players to form three teams in three formats’

‘We don’t have enough players to form three teams in three formats’

There have been rumors that senior cricketers are taking leave ahead of Bangladesh’s tour of Zimbabwe. It has already been reported that Mushfiqur Rahim won’t play in the T20I series. However, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) media committee chairman Jalal Yunus said no cricketer had applied for leave yet.

Cricketers have to stay in hotels before going on a tour during this time of coronavirus. The coronavirus situation in Zimbabwe isn’t much dangerous. So the BCB is trying to minimize the quarantine length there in Zimbabwe. Yunus told to the media on Tuesday, “Quarantine, as far as I know, should be less than 14 days. We are trying to arrange for the team to be kept in quarantine for as little time as possible and for them to get into practice as soon as possible. Because Zimbabwe is in a better position than other countries.”

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Regarding the players’ leave, he said they have no problem granting leave. He also reminded that Board President Nazmul Hassan Papon had informed him long ago.

“We have a lot of games in 2021. If a player wants to take a break, they can say so. However, there is not any confirmation about it yet. We also saw some names in the media but we did not hear from anyone officially. No one has told us yet. If anyone wants to say so, the Honorable President has said it before. It will be seen if they tell the board,” he added.

However, there is no denying that the team will be in danger if most of the senior cricketers go on leave. “Then you have to have a lot of reverse players. Do we have enough players to have three teams in three formats? Our players aren’t prepared like that yet. There are a few players who are still very much needed in the team. After that, if a cricketer plays all the matches everywhere, he is likely to get injured. We have to take care of that too,” he further said.

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